Robotics Competition

team t-rex

Team T-Rex is the single best educational program I have participated with in years as a teacher. Young people have trouble conceptualizing abstract ideas, like project management. Building a robot allows students to see immediate results on what they do or do not do. They quickly learn what it takes to be successful. Students also have to apply many of the topics that they learn in their daily school life to build the robot. I remember the first time a student looked at me and said, "Oh...that's a linear equation. Wow!" Robotics allows students to transfer book knowledge to job skills.

I am proud that I was able to help start such a great program for the Olympic community. My T-Rexers have been amazing. We won major awards both of our first two years including a Regional Championship and a Dean's Award Winner. The list goes on, but I would encourage you to track down a T-Rexer and ask them to share their experience. It is rewarding to see their eyes light up.


Mr. Fred Coon