The Foundation's All Star Teacher Program was created to support teachers. Classroom teachers are the primary source of a quality education and by focusing on their needs and fostering their creative initiatives we can have a lasting, positive impact on the achievements of current and future students. Through this program, all teachers are given an annual stipend to purchase supplies to enhance classroom instruction. This includes out of pocket expenses spent before the school year starts.

Teachers can apply for grants to purchase a variety of items to improve the quality of the programs they teach. These must be items that are not provided by CMS and once purchased they remain property of the school. Additionally, teachers can apply for study or travel grants to supplement classroom instruction. Usually the teacher puts in 20% of the cost and the remainder is picked up by the foundation.

In doing research for the program, teachers expressed a sense of isolation. They spend all day in front of their students and rarely have an opportunity to interact with other teachers, particularly from outside their department. Monthly gatherings encourage team building and networking among the faculty. These unofficial interactions are very important as a source of support, ideas and creative problems facing teachers. The program also provides retreat opportunities for teachers where peers can share their best classroom practices with one another and provide guidance and support.

All aspects of this program are guided and directed by those impacted, the teachers. This program is unique in its design, scope, vision and implementation. Many of the teachers have said “it is nice to be treated like a professional, I really feel like an all star teacher.” A board of directors oversee the fundraising, finances and programming. This group is made up of alumni, parents, teachers and community members who are interested in supporting public education.

The Olympic High School Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established
in May, 2013.


joan o'brien

Executive Director

Joan has served as the Executive director of the OHS Foundation since November of 2013. Previously she was the Executive Director of the East Mecklenburg High School foundation for 8 plus years. She was the Director of Development at Discovery Place for 2 and ½ years when she first moved to Charlotte.

Joan, originally from Philadelphia, lived in Lancaster, PA for 32 years and spent much of that time serving on several nonprofit boards and planning fundraising events.

Joan was President of the Fulton Opera House Foundation for six years and served as the Co-Chair of the $10 million dollar campaign to renovate the oldest continuously operating theatre in the country. She now serves as a Director Emeritus. She served on the board of the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, The Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition, The American Cancer Society, the Charles DeMuth Foundation and The Auxiliary to St. Joseph Hospital. Joan Co-Chaired the world premiere of the movie Witness and raised thousands of dollars for many of Lancaster’s nonprofits.

Joan loves raising funds to support our teachers. “They are teaching the future leaders of tomorrow. They work extremely hard and deserve all of our support. It is my pleasure”.

What we’re doing communicates love and appreciation.
— Al Winget, Olympic Alum

classroom & teacher grants


2015 – 2016









Career Cruising, 838 Coaches, 245 Companies, 241 Opportunities, View Discussion Boards, View Companies and 241 Opportunities, Explore Interests, Learn about Careers and Explore Education Options.

American History I and 2 material updated to replace the old US History.

Proven Learning, Grade Cam. Access to all students to scan their tests, have them graded and ready for teachers to download.  This saves teachers hours of work correcting papers as it is done for them.

History teacher traveled to Quebec for historical, geographic and cultural explorations.  This was a summer institute for K-12 Professionals led by the Northeast National Resource Center in Canada.

This $10,000 CIU Educators Program was given to an educator at Olympic. The expenses for the teacher to take this Global Teachers Program trip to Singapore –Malaysia were $1000.  We were able to contribute $800 toward this expense.


2014 – 2015




















144 Teachers received annual stipend of $150.00 to cover their out-of- pocket expenses to start the school year.

Adobe Cloud subscription to enhance Arts & Technology.

Given to Athletic Department for bleacher repair at Baseball Field.

Apple iPad Gift Raffle at Christmas for teachers.

T-Shirts for 3rd year Spanish students to wear when they went to Steele Creek Elementary to teach Spanish.  Great experience and they designed the T shirts.

Purchased 40 calculators for students to use for exams.

Robotics and Education Competition.

Art Supplies, these are wood carving tools and will be used by students to carve 3D sculptures-no more Xacto blades, kitchen knives etc.  The students will be using material donated by Southwood signs. 

Proven Learning GradeCam license for 9 Biology teachers. Right now 422 students are benefiting by having their assessments electronically scored and instant data analysis.  Teachers with these licenses can potentially impact more than 900 students.

Two teachers and six students are going to Boone. They are joining the TSA or Technical Student Association which fosters personal growth, leadership and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Members apply and integrate these concepts through curricular activities, competitions and related programs.

Chemistry teacher received $400 for 40 scientific calculators.

Pizza for 75 teachers who participated in a Scavenger Hunt at a new outlet mall.

Purchase of 100 tickets to a Charlotte Knights baseball game for teachers & staff.

Photography equipment to teach portraiture & sports photography in digital photo class.

Purchased 150 scientific calculators for everyday and testing purposes.

Five new teachers were selected to take part in "Teaching for Excellence" at PEAK (Performance Excellence for All Kids).