Susan Purser, Biology and AP Biology Teacher Science Department Chairperson

“The Biology Handbooks purchased with grant funds help me implement close reading strategies and provided students an organizational tool to prepare for EOC.  Student proficiency on the Biology EOC increased approximately 20% the past semester.”

Gregory Hallett, Social Studies Teacher

“The fund has been tremendous in allowing me to further my knowledge by going to seminars during the summer months.  Without the foundation I would be unable to attend these seminars.”

Kati Shives, Choral Director and Assistant Band Director

“Thank you SO much for your help in getting the staff to the New York to chaperone our students. It would not be possible without you and the Foundation!”

Metacia Winston, CTE Department Chair, Project and Career Management

“The foundation grants have allowed me to adequately prepare my students to be truly career and college ready providing 100% engagement, increased rigor, and overall academic success.  Materials purchased with these funds often assist us as educators in placing students ahead of the curve not only with knowledge, but certifications, internship assistance, and the building of soft skills to be effective 21st century learners. Thank you for everything!!!!!!!

Fred Williams-Harrell, Career and Technical Education Teacher

“I see myself in the future and I like what I see, I do see myself in the future and things are looking a whole lot better.  Thank you foundation for providing the resources to a brighter future for myself and my students. Through the foundation, I am about to bring international experiences into my classroom. Thank you!”

Mallory Herman, Honors World History and Leadership Educator

“The grants I have received have allowed me to get the needed tools to reach more of my students.  I have been able to increase the engagement level in my classroom and is shown in every observation I have with 100% engagement.”Thank you for all that you do.”

 Suzanne Newsom, English Teacher

“The support of the Olympic Foundation allows the Odyssey of the Mind Team to compete at a high level.  We appreciate the funds to purchase supplies for team members to build sets!”