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The struggles faced by students and teachers today can make high school more difficult than ever before. Some problems we, as parents and alumni, can’t even fathom - let alone fix.  But one thing we do have some control over is the funding that our school and its teachers have. Through your donations to the Olympic High School Foundation, you are helping to make sure that the teachers can do what they were trained to do - teach.  

No teacher should have to work a second job just to make sure that there are enough books in their classroom. They should be spending their time developing outstanding lesson plans, pursuing continuing professional development, and finding new ways to support and enrich our children’s lives and educations.

Right now, teachers aren’t getting the financial support they need.  But you can help fix that. Donate to the Olympic High School Foundation today, and become part of the vibrant community of Olympic High Trojans who are making sure that our teachers are supported, our children are successful, and our community is enriched through the hard work being done at Olympic High!